Wind power is increasingly popular among consumers in rural areas, small towns, cities and islands. Over the years, wind power products from Focus Energy have been supplying continuous renewable energy to many.

Advantages of Wind Power Supply System:

  • No danger of vanishing point (end product).
  • Long lifespan.
  • The energy is cheap and renewable.
  • It is non-polluting, ‘green’ energy.
  • The cost of generating power is much lower than solar
  • Facilities occupy comparatively smaller space.
  • High conversion efficiency.
  • Long generation time.
  • Comparison

Disadvantages of Solar Panel Power Supply System:

  • High cost.
  • Only generates power during the day/sunshine.
  • Limits capacity to receive sunrays to non-cloudy days and seasons.
  • Facilities occupy larger installation space.
  • Maximum power generating capacity is constrained by fixed installation angle.

Our wind turbines, with models that range from 300W to 5mW, are designed with the brake system and the hydraulic stand. Wind turbines can supply power for consumer facilities such as household appliances, a small factory, offices, a small power station, and hotels.

Focus Energy Solutions Limited will be happy to make a formal presentation of our products to you. We will also be delighted to discuss your organization’s specific requirements. As your preferred energy supplier, we look forward to your favourable consideration and to establishing a long-term business relationship with you.

For more information on Wind Energy, click on this link to Download a pdf

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