Solar energy is actually nuclear energy. In the inner 25% of the sun, hydrogen continuously fuses into helium at a rate of about 7 x 10 11kg of hydrogen every second. If this sounds like a lot, it is because it is. This is equivalent to the amount of mass that can be carried by 10 million railroad cars. There is no need to fear, though, that we are going to run out of fuel any time soon, as the sun has enough hydrogen in the core to continue at this rate for another 5 billion years. This energy production, coupled with gravitational compression, keeps the sun’s centre near a sweltering 16 million K, which is about 29 million oF.


Heat from the core is first primarily radiated, and then primarily convected, to the Sun’s surface, where it maintains at a temperature of 5800 K3.

In this remark the future technology for power will be the sun. We have different types of equipment used to tap this energy for solution of our dairy life. This includes solar panel pumps running engines among others.


 Solar Heaters

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