We have developed our products and services not only to meet the customers’ needs but to also identify unrealized opportunities in their businesses.

Our Energy Services includes:

Energy audit
This involves collecting energy demand and consumption data to determine the patterns and level of the current energy use and identify opportunities for reducing consumption. We develop a database and present the findings in a report form with graphical presentation.

Energy use improvement strategy and implementation
This is a comprehensive process, intended to help companies avoid missing potential benefits by identifying opportunities to enhance, energy supply, energy efficiency and use of competitive energy-friendly products and processes and is applicable at any level be it; individual process, facility or enterprise-wide. This we do by developing together with our client a customers-focused approach unique to each company based on its perception of risks and opportunities, specific targets, available resources, schedule, culture etc.
Impact and Needs assessment
This is a service to those companies that want to quantify their efforts in their past or intended projects. We carry out a survey to identify the impacts of your undertaking and track the performance of your projects.

Training on energy efficiency initiative and technologies.
These are training packages for companies and organizations who wish to educate their employees from management to line workers on energy efficiency initiatives, safe practices and sustainable green technologies.

Alternative Energies feasibility studies and Solutions.

   Carbon credit trading consultancy.

Our services in industrial Process management include:

  •     Process audit and improvement.
  •     Lean manufacturing programs training and support
  •     Equipment capacity utilization mapping.
  •     Work Measurement Studies
  •     Automation feasibility study and Implementation


Our other related services include;

  •     Project management services
  •     Engineering design and evaluation
  •     Tendering process and procurement support
  •     Contractors’ Due diligence and Work Completion evaluation


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