Bio-gas is combustible gas used for cooking purposes in agricultural communities. Bio-gas is composed largely of methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. It is produced by fermenting animal and human wastes in the absence of oxygen (an anaerobic process). Solids, remaining after the fermentation is complete, are used as organic fertilizer.


Bio-energy has received a lot of attention recently in addressing the problem of global warming and establishing a recycling-based society. Bio-energy refers to renewable biomass resources that produce an array of energy-related products. The term biomass means any plant-derived and non-fossil-derived organic matter such as wood wastes and raw garbage. It is said to be "carbon neutral" and does not contribute to increase of carbon dioxide as do fossil fuel resources.

The diagram at the bottom shows an example of simultaneous production of heat and power using a gas engine co-generation unit with biogas obtained by methane fermentation of excretory substance in a livestock farm.  

Biogas Cookers/Burners

Focus Energy bio-gas products (including bio-gas stove, bio-gas pressure regulator, bio-gas lamp and tubing and pipe-fitting) are a series of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products used for cooking, lighting and heating using bio-gas as fuel. The products are either independently developed by Focus Energy or adopt the various technologies of our parent company. The products’ technical specifications either meet or exceed relevant national standards.


 The Focus Energy bio-gas stove uses whirlwind flame patent technology. It has a strong flame and employs energy-saving and environmentally safe equipment that comprises fully stainless steel, an anti-corrosion burner and a self-regulation trivet. It features an aesthetically superior and unique design whose handling is easy. Its matching products adopt an advanced and well-adapted technology that easily satisfies the needs of end users.


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