Given rapidly rising energy costs, uncertainty in future prices, growing concern about global competition and supply, and a generally increasing sensitivity to the whole notion of “energy security and Green companies”, future company competitiveness will greatly be determined by how they manage their energy needs and processes thereof.


FOCUS ENERGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED  started in 2004, by then Focus Importers and Exporters. The company engaged its professional staff first in the travel to various countries to learn and gain intensive knowledge on the functionality and operation of various wind power generators and solar power before
Settling and actively participating in its day to day core business activities. As per today (FES) has total energy solutions both commercial and domestic needs.


To be a world class, professionally managed company engaged in ever accelerated efforts to develop and maximize the contribution of the energy sector and pollution free environment and to return the beauty of clear blue skies

Corporate mission
“To be the most innovative high-tech, diversified company in eastern, central and southern Africa, that achieves and maintains a leading position in the timely supply, installation of the state of the art, modern and quality wind powers while offering needed technical support to our esteemed clients so that they can gain maximum benefit and experience stress free and highly cost effective all round usage of power”.


  1. Opportunity: [FES] will seek opportunity to improve the energy and industrial process sectors for its clients.
  2. Process and People Partnership: [FES] approach to addressing opportunities is through established systematic processes based on a partnership between [FES]  and its client. Though process based the processes are flexible for each opportunity.
  3. Totality or Time: Our approach is governed by the time limit available. However, FES will strive to deliver the best encompassing solution subject to the time factors.
  4.  Innovation: [F]  will strive to offer innovative solutions inspired by the partners’ eyes implying an exchange of view hence a more practical as opposed to theoretical approaches. While the client knows their current operation, [FES]  will provide a diversity of experience needed.
  5. Maximise: [FES]  will strive to give its clients an optimal solution which results from maximizing solutions sort for resource allocation available.
  6. Actualize: [FES] will ensure solutions are actualized for its clients by striving for practical expertise partnerships. This will include offering all round implementation of solution to consulting and hybrids of these.


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