Focus Energy Solutions Limited is the leading reseller of wind, solar, self-priming pump and hydro turbines in Kenya. We have the best energy system and our products are exported to many countries around the world.

We are committed to wind power, and to an eco-friendly industry. Our wind turbines produce zero pollution; using wind power offsets the pollution that would otherwise have been generated by non-renewable power stations.

It has been our experience that wind power helps us cut down on the gratuitous pollution that is harming our world. Giving the world electricity that is generated using wind turbines is our contribution towards curbing man-made carbon and other harmful emissions.

Ultimately, we hope to give a clear, blue sky to everyone. A clear sky symbolizes health, and a bright future for our population and for posterity.

Focus Energy Solutions Limited employs advanced technology, and has highly qualified staff and a flexible management system in place. We offer only the highest quality equipment at the most competitive prices. If you are unsure of your needs, we will examine your energy consumption trends to determine what arrangement represents the best return to you, your family or your business.


Improved livelihood for Kenyans through energy and environmental conservation on a sustainable basis.


  1. To increase access to clean and affordable energy to the local communities.
  2. To increase awareness on the use of clean energy.
  3. To improve the economic status of the participating communities.
  4. To promote and popularize the benefits of renewable energy and environmental conservation.
  5. To promote a culture of efficient energy use in Kenya.

Key Activities

  1. Community awareness and mobilization.
  2. Thematic meetings with community leaders.
  3. Participation in public forums.


Our services are intended to cover regions in districts that are selected on the basis of their need for renewable energy. Significantly, the means of meeting our objectives vary from one project area to another, depending on the perceived needs of that specific area, and the suitability of the intervention measure for that region.
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