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Focus Energy Solutions Limited
Focus Energy Solutions Limited is a leading provider of energy for industrial and domestic use. Specializing in the efficient supply of light, heat, and the power to operate machinery, Focus Energy is a one-stop supplier of affordable, environmentally safe energy.

A high-tech industrialization enterprise, the firm is authorized and licensed to sell, install and distribute energy. A core-tech company, Focus Energy is involved in research, development, manufacture and marketing of various forms of energy solutions.

The company’s “Full Permanent Magnetic Suspension Wind-Driven Generator & Wind-PV Hybrid Power Supply System” is well known throughout the region. We are a joint-stock company and pride ourselves on our team of leading experts and scientists. Our Four Technologies fill the world’s gaps with the processed PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) International Patent Protection. Our products run the full range, from 300W to 5MW. Included here are wind mills for boreholes and hydro turbines.

Consistently meeting client demands and working to capacity, Focus Energy Solutions Limited has had products installed in diverse African countries, including Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. We have also left our mark in many counties in Kenya. Throughout, our focus has been on the supply of renewable energy in rural areas, small towns, cities and islands, for both home and commercial use.

 Wind Power (Kenya) WindMill
 Maglev Energy Wind Power (China)
 Green Energy
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Biogas Burners

Focus Energy Solutions Limited is authorized and licensed to sell bio-gas burners and cookers Read more


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